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M'ammalia, the scientific aperitif on endangered wild mammals

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

On October 27th, some members of our team, Federica Villa, Andrea Tonelli, Andrea Sacchi and Chiara Dragonetti, took part in the scientific aperitif held at La Limonaia in Villa Torlonia to talk about some endangered mammal species.

The aperitif, organized by the MBC research group and TECHNOTOWN, is part of "M’ammalia. The mammals' week", a series of events coordinated by ATIt (Associazione Teriologica Italiana) and dedicated to mammals. This year the topic of all events was "Between green and red: expanding or endangered mammals".

During the scientific aperitif, the researchers chose to talk about red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris), snow leopards (Panthera uncia) and Italian wolves (Canis lupus italicus), focusing on their biology, their competitors and threats, their present, past and even future conservation status, and what we have done and can still do to prevent their extinction.


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