Here are some of our recent projects, see Publications for full details of our recent and past research

Our research combines conservation biology, macroecology, and sustainability science. We investigate the impact that global change has on biodiversity, the effect of this impact on humanity, and the definition of conservation strategies to minimise this impact. Our work spans spatial scales (local to global) and temporal scales (past to future), and builds on a variety of analytical techniques (from spatial analysis, to optimisation, to machine learning).

Understanding the role of intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of change in species niches, to inform conservation planning under climate change.

Disentangling the links between biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, highlighting human risks associated with biodiversity loss.

Quantifying the role of wilderness areas for biodiversity conservation, and the biodiversity risk deriving from wilderness loss.

Projecting global biodiversity trend under land-use and climate change, to evaluate scenarios of socio-economic development.

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