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This project is funded by the Rita Levi Montalcini Programme, MIUR (Italy) .

Identifying areas of universal biodiversity importance to inform conservation action and sustainable development under global change


Biodiversity provides essential services to humanity, including food, regulation of climate, and recreation, but escalating human pressures are driving a global loss of biodiversity, with dramatic consequences for our economy and well-being. International investments to halt biodiversity loss have resulted in some improvements, but have not stopped the global biodiversity crisis.
Hence, there is urgent need to identify strategies that can anticipate and prevent further biodiversity decline.


The goal of this project is to maximise global biodiversity conservation outcomes, quantifying the risk that global change poses to biodiversity and the associated risks for sustainable development.

What's going on:

-Jan '23 With 22 scientific publications, many outreach events and congresses, and several MSc and PhD students involved, the project has formally finished! 

-Oct '22 Public outreach event at Pianeta Terra Festival

- Sep '22 new preprint on Regions of high biodiversity value preserve Nature's Contributions to People under climate change

Apr '22 webinar on the role of industry on pandemic risk mitigation

- Dec '21 new publication on Identifying science-policy consensus regions of high biodiversity value

- Aug '21 new collaborative publication on Areas of global importance for conserving terrestrial biodiversity, carbon and water

- Mar '21 Keynote speaker for the G20 Health Working Group

- Nov '20 TED Talk for European Researchers' Night, the link between biodiversity  loss and pandemics (Italian)

- Sep '20 Launch of the WWF Living Planet Report, and associated paper on Bending The Curve of Biodiversity Loss

- Mar '20 interview on national TV, biodiversity loss and pandemic risk (Italian)

- Feb '20 new publication on sustainable development and pandemic risk

- Jan '20 project kicks off!!

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