This Working Group was funded from German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), Germany


The extinction risk of species is globally monitored by the IUCN Red List. Despite the goal to update extinction risk assessments at least every 10 years, over 21,000  species (ca. 18% of those assessed) currently have outdated assessments. The resources needed to keep assessments up to date present a clear sustainability challenge. Several authors have proposed automated methods to conduct preliminary screenings to guide reassessment of species, considering species intrinsic vulnerability (inferred from their traits and other factors), historical trends, and satellite-derived imagery combined with macroecological modelling. So far, however, these approaches have remained largely academic exercises.

By bringing together RL practitioners and ecological modellers, this Working Group aims to develop an innovative, rapid and consistent framework for prioritizing RL assessments. 

What's going on:

- First Working group meeting planned for Spring 2021

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