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Our Lab in Kigali for the ICCB conference

At the end of July the BGC lab members joined the International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) in Kigali, Rwanda, to present our newest biodiversity research.

Marta Cimatti presented her talk on "Hotspots of risk for mammal biodiversity and Nature’s Contributions to People under global warming”, and a poster on “Maintaining regions of high biodiversity value help preserve regulating Nature's Contributions to People under climate change”, a summary of the recently published work in Nature Sustainability.

Giordano Mancini presented a methodology to standardize climate risk assessments in his talk "A standard approach for including climate change responses in IUCN Red List assessments", while in the poster session he introduced his project "A standardized estimate of generation length for amphibians and reptiles" and its implication in climate extinction risk assessments.

Moreno Di Marco joined the poster session with his work on "Altitudinal homogenisation of mountain parasitoids across six decades" and took part in the IUCNscience symposium to talk about "Strengthening extinction risk assessment through cutting-edge modelling approaches".

After the positive experience in Prague last year at ECCB, our lab member took the opportunity to join this international congress together with other 1000 researchers, meeting old friends and new researchers opening up for new exciting collaboration and setting the path for future studies. They also had the chance to have fun with other MBC research group members and explore African nature and wildlife.


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