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International Mountain Day and fieldwork stories

Updated: Apr 9

Today is International Mountain Day! Mountain ecosystems suffer from climate change and human impact all over the world, but their importance is extraordinary. Although they cover <20% of Earth’s terrestrial land surface, mountains support one third of terrestrial species diversity and host half of the 34 global biodiversity hotspots.

This summer some of our lab's researchers, collaborators and students were in the mountains of Abruzzo to collect camera-trapping data on some mammal species, with the aim of investigating which anthropic activities (including, for example, grazing) have the greatest impact on the presence of these species. It was an intense field season, in which we regularly checked around 40 camera traps and collected grazing data in 15 different municipalities. This experience allowed us to learn not only about mountain wildlife but also about human activities in these areas and the slow-paced lifestyle of mountain people.


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