Moreno Di Marco, Lab leader



I am a conservation biologist with a passion for addressing the challenges that global change poses to biodiversity. I am especially interested in developing quantitative techniques for addressing large-scale conservation problems, and evaluate how the solutions to these problems interact with the achievement of other societal goals (such as food production, climate change mitigation, improved human well-being). Since 2009 I’ve worked for Universities, NGOs, and GOs across Europe and Australia, collaborating with >270 researchers worldwide. I have a BSc (2006), a MSc (2009), and a PhD (2013) in Ecology. I also have Italian academic qualifications of Full Prof. in Zoology and Full Prof. in Ecology.

Current position

I am a Rita Levi Montalcini Research Fellow (Assist. Prof.) at the Dept. of Biology and Biotechnology of Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Adjunct roles

  • Handling Editor for the journal Conservation Biology of the Society for Conservation Biology (USA)